VIDEO: What does forgiveness look like?

As Christians, we know we need to forgive… But it’s just not that easy sometimes, is it?

Especially when it comes to those deeper wounds…

This video is part of a series of five-minute videos I’m recording for Christian YouTube channel TLDTV.

Here, I discuss the complexity of forgiveness, the painful reality of living in a broken, messed-up world, and the hope Jesus offers in the midst of it.

Thank you for watching, and God bless!

– Ali


  1. I love your vids! Forgiveness IS the hardest thing to do. I find it “odd” that I can easily forgive the guy who raped me, but find it so difficult to forgive my mum. It is a process that is sometimes long and difficult. Blessings, Ali!

    1. Thanks Liz! I’m so sorry about your rape… and also about your mum. It’s complex as to why some abuses impact us more than others. And often people can’t understand why we’re still ‘stuck’. But some things simply impact us our whole lives, and require us to lean on God continually for strength. Hugs.

      1. It is all in the past. All will be made good when we stand before the Lord! 😊 But forgiveness is vital in our faith-walk with Jesus. Have an awesome day!

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