Are we looking for him?

Are we looking for Jesus? I mean, truly looking?

Are we longing to be in his presence, learning from him… or are we opting instead for complacency?

When we do find the time to be still, is he the first person we talk to… or an afterthought once we’ve checked everything else off our list?

Do we hunger for his voice? Do we look for his guidance? Do we yearn for his gifts?

Do we cherish our chats with God, or avoid the vulnerability of being real and offering our true selves to the God of the universe?

The Bible says:

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
(Jeremiah 29:13)

All we have to do is start. Begin the search. Embark on our journey towards wholeness. Reach out our hands. Receive from him. Trust in him. And take the leap towards greater intimacy and a fuller life.


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