Seven savvy ways I switch off when I’ve been in People Land too long

An INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I consider myself a ‘social introvert’.

I enjoy people a lot – and can be quite friendly (if you catch me on a good day, haha), but I reach a level of ‘people fatigue’ pretty quickly, especially if People Time has been saturated by small talk about someone’s latest renovation project.

Give me a ‘D&M’ and I’m happy – but talk about the weather and I’ll start shifting uncomfortably on the spot.

What about you?

Introvert or extrovert?

If the former, what are your favourite things to do once you’ve maxed out on people time?

Here are a few of my faves:

  1. Grab a hot chocolate and a good book and nestle into the couch ASAP.

Image result for hot chocolate on couch gif

2. Google ‘jazz relaxation music’ and get out the pots and pans for a cooking-fest.

Image result for cooking fest gif

3. Go for a walk to clear my head – even better if it’s under an umbrella in the rain! (weird, right?)

Image result for singing in the rain gif

4. Watch a classic family movie with my husband and boys – no talking, just some side-by-side bonding.

Image result for popcorn gif

5. Google the highest-rating movies on Rotten Tomatoes and watch something meaningful. I usually rent one-off films through YouTube these days.

Image result for rotten tomatoes gif

6. Open my Bible and make it meaningful. Sometimes I re-write verses; sometimes I draw concepts to make them come alive; sometimes I read the words to music; sometimes I use the YouVersion audio Bible and just lie on my back as I listen and pray. Real talk with God always nourishes me big-time.

Image result for reading bible gif

7. Listen to something educational or useful. Every time I get in the car I’m listening to podcasts. Some personal favourites are The Mindful Kind; Tim Keller; John Piper; Good Life Project; Crappy to Happy; Her Daily Drive; The Pastor’s Heart; The Deep Place: On Creativity & Spirituality ; Triple P Parenting; and ABC Radio’s Conversations.

Image result for podcast gif

There are some amazing conversations happening in Podcast Land that most people don’t know about!

#Podcast convert right here.

Sometimes when we switch off we feel we have to ‘switch off completely’. I don’t think my personality type allows for that (except during sleep) – but I think that’s OK!

It’s about finding things which nourish you; help you hit the re-set button; and give you the energy to head back into People Land again.

Happy introverting! xx


  1. Hi Ali — Would you please go back to the 10 Empowering Self Care Tips post and DELETE my comment containing my email. I intended my words as a private email to you and did not realize they were going to be published. THANKS much. I appreciate you time in doing this. Have a great day! >

  2. Thank you muchly, Ali! I love my peoples and can feel bad for how I feel after being with them. :(. These ideas will help me do something positive and good and not feel bad any more. :). Blessings!

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