Like riding a bike

I remember my dad teaching me to ride a bike.

Fear kept me from learning this skill for quite some time.

It didn’t seem possible that my own sense of balance was enough to sustain me on those teetering two wheels.

What if I just couldn’t get it, and ended up feeling stupid?

What if I hurt myself trying?

But as much as I tried to put it off, I knew it would be good to know how.

It took me a while to learn, but I got there.

Once I started to think less and use my natural instincts more, it came easy.


I’ve let fear hold me back from doing a lot of things.

I have a natural interest in acting and performing, yet I never auditioned for parts at school because I was scared.

I’ve always liked writing stories, yet never really believed I could make a career out of it.

However, when I met my husband Michael, he encouraged me to follow my dreams.

With his help and belief in me, I landed my first job as a cadet journalist.

Fear can lead to a life of regret.

Lack of self-belief can hold us back from discovering the call God has on our life.

But we need to believe God can strengthen us, ease our anxiety, and give us boldness and confidence.

God made you uniquely you, with qualities no-one else has.

How are you going making use of those?

We don’t need to use all our gifts at the same time, as the seasons of our lives change continually.

There are always natural, external limits to what we can do.

But we can assess the resources we have right now, and make a choice to use them.

It can be a journey to discover what our gifts are.

But whatever season we’re in, we have opportunities we’ve never had before.

The possibilities are endless.

Sitting on that bike was scary the first time I did it. My first job interview wasn’t much easier – nor my new school or my first date.

But God reminded me he was with me, giving me the strength and courage I needed.

There is never a perfect time.

Is there a ‘bike’ you’re thinking about riding but aren’t sure?

It might be as simple as sitting on the rickety seat for a little while, getting a feel for it.

It might mean asking someone who’s skilled in ‘cycling’ for advice on how to hold the handles.

It might mean ensuring someone is there to catch you when you fall.

Jesus certainly will.

Why not start with these words from the Bible?

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Tim 1:7 NLT)

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13 NLT)

God bless you,



  1. Well said Ali. A priest I knew who was becoming a friend after having met him after the death of a family member old me that with God all things are possible during a conversation we were having after my beloved dog had died and I do get very attached to them, even wildlife I get to be friendly with near my home. I told him a man who studied to be a priest in the seminary then monastery but then later just before being ordained he decided not to go through with it and followed a career in chemistry when I met him at plant where I also worked. He said dogs and animals don’t have souls so won’ be going to heaven like we do; I said no I don’ see it that way at all because to me God loves all of his creation and they are God’s creatures the great and the small and who knows how but God may be reanimating them in some amazing way later especially if they meant so much to us as pets and whatnot. This man said no necessary because when we are in heaven God fills us and we want for nothing. I still wouldn’t accept his limited view of other living beings that can interact with us so well. The priest said again to me that with God everything is possible; so like your analogy here we limit ourselves and have more capability then we give ourselves credit for so should we be giving God the maker of all things less? I know in my heart if I’m worthy in the end to be with God in paradise I will see the beautiful things or animals I knew I don’t have a clue how that would work but like a child not knowing at all the mechanics of how riding a bicycle is possible we see that in time and with faith in ourselves and most importantly our all-knowing and loving God, it is possible and very simple once we get past that difficult or unknown even fear threshold! We have so much to learn and when our lives here are over we will know all things with God sharing in His kingdom the mysteries that are never ending! Isn’t this after all why he created us His children in the first place to have a family to share all He has with us making us true heirs! I just this week was talking to a lady I know through our writing and interests in dogs and told her pretty much what I now have told you, and she said she’s glad that man didn’t become a priest because he would have not been a good one!
    Merry Christmas! God’s blessings to you and yours!

      1. Thank you Ali and I’m happy to hear it had a positive impact in some way for you and that we once again end up on the same page in such matters of faith. I just woke up early about 3am here and was just about to publish a very short poem inspired by a new friend. Your comment was very good to see here on a couple of levels but mostly it serves as an additional confirmation that God was tapping me on my shoulder the past couple of days! God does work in mysterious ways! God bless you and yours! Keep smiling! Merry Christmas!

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