1. Hi Ali!
    Bringing the cheery and optimistic message of God’s Truth to all of us while weโ€™re fighting and doing our best in a sea of conflicts in this most unprecedented time!
    Thank you for your happy outlook and love!
    See ya later sister and mate!

      1. Oh Ali thanks for that; but honestly you are so way more positive and dearly encouraging than me! I let my ticked off side show even a bit too much, but I admire your calm and patience and you will be far healthier longer, and if the Second Coming isn’t right around the corner my life expectancy will plummet while folks like you will stay healthy and vibrant! Keep up the faith and courage, and I’ll look forward to more goodness coming from you, as it is a joy and great encouragement to me! Thank you dear sister and friend๐Ÿ™

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