Be curious about what you’re consuming

Are you watching too many demoralising news reports or endlessly scrolling social media? Are you aware of the impact of too much media consumption? It’s so important to take ownership of what we’re consuming and make wise choices.


  1. Excellent and a quite necessary reminder Ali! Taking ownership of our personal situation or actual daily lives and not allowing ourselves to be sucked into the “global madness vortex” being propagated by the MSM and unfortunately Social Media! I picture flypaper when I think of what you are pointing out as this toxic non-stop filling of our heads with the continuous drone of what really can be classified as propaganda!

    Then I see a world at times which appears to be in a state of some opposite scenario of Extraordinary Rendition, or irregular rendition at times, the kind of non-stop though not as harsh but still a powerfully organized forced rendition technique used with terrorists in achieving counter terrorism objectives; but where it’s now we the masses who are all being targeted to be coerced and manipulated, poked or prodded to produce the desired behavior that these mass manipulators are attempting to achieve, to get us off balance or distracted from the hidden agenda’s! A rendition at times as though all the humans like a herd is being drawn to the daily buzz and this keeps going on until people become in a way mesmerized or so distracted and conditioned they just keep coming back for more, and then ultimately are captive by the will of the few; even with subliminal suggestions!

    This all really becomes a world of artificiality and a going nowhere scenario that I’ve seen happening to some people, me included at times; to where they are absorbed with their online life to the point of forsaking their actual life and purpose which was never meant to be a cyberspace one! I have to add as I understand and see this its become a sickness, so I like you hope more people will be mindful of this danger and get moving; doing all the many hands on things around them that need their attention and devotion for the good they can actually accomplish! Amen.

    Thank you for taking the time to point out these many important points of contention in our lives at this time; and may God bless you for it!
    Take care.

  2. So true Ali…what we allow in! The choice or decision is our own and I’ve had to learn that the hard way at times! My Dad I can recall when I was a teen saying to me, “why are you filling your head with that negative or foolishness!” Being young and thinking we can have it figured out better than we actually do we sometimes tend to brush it off; until we see consequences of not following good tried and tested advice from those with wisdom. I’m still even working on that all these years later realizing I’m never really home free, because I still have to be guarded in what I allow in! Great stuff here Ali!
    God bless you! 🙏 🙏 🙏 😉 👍♥️🌻

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