The Father’s arms are open

Sometimes we’re tempted to think we have to somehow have it all together before we can approach God.

That we need to be wearing our best clothes – in the spiritual sense.

But this verse reveals a God who doesn’t reject us based on what we’re ‘wearing’ or whether we’ve done enough good things this week.

This verse – the very words of Jesus – show the heart of a Saviour God who will never reject or ‘cast out’ his kids, no matter what.

“All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” (John 6:37)

God entrusts the care of his sheep to Jesus, and he will take us under his wing.

We are free to come into his presence without needing to have it all together first.

He invites us to come as we are, right where we’re at, and offer up our honest thoughts, tears, and questions.

So will we do that?

Will we take a deep breath and just decide to be real with God today in prayer?


  1. ~~ ” …to be real with God today in prayer” ~~

    Whenever I ask my brother who lives 1100 miles (1770 km) away how he is doing, he almost always responds by saying, “Keeping it real in NFM”, (North Fort Myers). And he does. John does not live behind a façade of all is right with the world. He has always been a role model for me when it comes to being an example of bringing it all before the Lord without hiding it or trying to “have it all together.” An example I follow when bringing my stuff before the Lord. I find it so cleansing when I do bring it all to Him without trying to be what I am not. Praise God for big brothers who guide their little sisters through good example!

    An awesome post with a timeless message. Blessings, Ali. 😊

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