10 things to celebrate as 2021 winds up

As the year winds to a close, it’s tempting to give ourselves a hard time about the things that have gone wrong, rehearsing our disappointments and re-living painful memories.

But when we focus on all we’ve come through, all we’ve achieved, and how God has been there for us, we start to feel differently.

Here are some questions to reflect on as the year comes to a close.

I hope you find them helpful as you celebrate your wins rather than just focusing on the losses.

  1. What have I done this year that I can be proud of?
  2. What new friends or acquaintances did I make?
  3. What new foods or recipes did I try?
  4. How did I show myself kindness this year?
  5. In what ways was I brave?
  6. How did I grow as a person?
  7. What things did I let go of?
  8. What things do I need to keep surrendering to God?
  9. What did I learn about other people?
  10. How was 2018 better than 2017?

Be blessed as you ponder, reflect, and keep growing in Christ.

Ali x



  1. It’s New Year’s morning and reading this post has shifted my initial plan for the day— diving in to a writing project I have been planning. Instead, I’m going to spend the day reflecting, bathing “my plan” in His word, and yielding the day to His presence and voice. Thank you for the inspiration. 💕

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