Noticed, celebrated, adored

We all just want to be seen, don’t we?



Adored, even.

We want at least one person’s eyes to light up when we walk in the room.

And that’s what we’ve looked for ever since we were infants.

To be noticed, celebrated, adored…

Becoming an adult doesn’t change that desire.

But if you were



Or Scorned…

… If people always seemed to look down or get angry when you walked in the room…

Then you sought attention in other ways.

When our basic needs of attention and love are not met, we’re left hungry, depleted, desperate…

I remember one day, as a little girl, I was playing in my ‘reading corner’ as I liked to call it.

I’d set up a little space with cushions, books and favourite soft toys who’d keep me company as I read. But my favourite toy, a doll, was missing.

I really didn’t want to read without her, as she was my most special toy.

So, for some reason – probably because I’d seen my parents do it – I decided to pray and ask God to help me find her.


I kept looking for her, and within minutes she appeared. I was amazed.

It was a simple moment – but a profound one for a six-year-old.

Because in my mind and heart, I believed, for the first time, that God had seen me.

I felt like I mattered to God when I walked in that room. That my worry was noticed. That this God my parents spoke about cared about even the smallest details of a young girl’s life.

And that was the first time I believed.

Psalm 116 says this:

“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;

He heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,

I will call on him as long as I live.”

I love these verses. In very simple terms they state the writer’s reason for loving God.

He heard,

He turned his ear.

He is worth calling on

Because he listens.

He is not distant and aloof:

He is close.

Because of Jesus, God comes near. God dwells within. God changes hearts and gives faith.

With God, we find a relationship like no other.

We are:



Adored, even.


  1. Thank you Ali for such a thought-provoking message🥰. I’m so grateful that we know our God and that he loves us, sees us and listens to our prayers. It’s also a reminder that our treatment of others can affect them negatively or positively.

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