Five ways to pray with meaning

How often do you pray? And how? Is prayer a struggle for you?

There are many ways we can approach prayer, according to Donald Whitney in Disciplines for the Christian Life. He says:

  • We can simply pray with intention – and stick with it.

  • We can meditate on scripture, drawing closer to God in the process.

  • We can pray with other people, and be encouraged in the process of approaching God together.

  • We can pray for others, allowing God to show us his heart for them.

  • We can pray with honesty, seeking authenticity at all times in our relationship with God.

    I think it’s important not to be afraid of ‘unsanitised prayers’ – the Psalms offer so many examples of gritty, raw, desperate, angry conversations with God.

    Allow your lament to lead you back to him…


With this in mind, give thought to your prayer locations. Do you prefer to pray in bed? Out in nature? In a prayer room? What will help you focus on God? Make a time to ‘meet’ with him in prayer and make it meaningful and real.

Take ownership of your relationship with God and book in times of reflection with the one you love most of all.

Add your prayer session to your diary if you need to; set an alarm on your phone.

Do whatever it takes to stay focused, and allow your spirit to be built up as you face each new day with God’s courage.

God bless you as you pray…


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