Poem: Detangling the damage

I asked for humbling.

He came in.

Exposed the weakness

And the sin.

God unraveled me.

Untangled my loose threads.

Shot straight

Hit the mark

Broke me down

And picked me up again.

My body shook.

Truth reverberates.

I’d missed so much,

Blinded by wounds.

Hungry for cheap eats.

Why seek the witch doctor when your healer’s in the house?

Why stray from the source?

Why bow your head in shame when you can look up?

Wash me, Jesus.

Make me clean.

Lead me by the hand

To your feasting table.

Serve me up your grace.

I hold out my hands.

I pursued validation,

I sought belonging.

But I was yours all along.


I don’t need others’ empty praise

When I’m forever yours.


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