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  1. Very Good Ali! You go me smiling almost as well as you do in this presentation which I really needed! I like this idea of bringing out positive emotions and simultaneously relieving stress in the process I might add! It’s like a balancing act or a counterbalance you produce when doing what you said getting active doing things that produce positive emotion! God knows there is so much trying to give us or cause us to produce negative emotions and it’s a battle but no war is won all at once but rather by picking our battles carefully or not taking on more than we can chew and just take it one day at a time and one battle at a time but while doing tat not losing ourselves in the flood of all the things going on outside of our control but to instead focus on these gifts or opportunities we can find and utilize in our own little personal world or personal interests!
    Keep the power of the Lord going as you do and I tip my hat to you once again!
    God bless you dear friend and sister in Christ Jesus. Amen.

    Brother Lawrence

    PS I’m about to go do something that will make me feel good, make some pizza! Yummy!
    Hot, cheesy and with scrumptious toppings, from black olives and pepper rings to slices of chicken with broccoli and even some cashew nuts!

    Enjoy those bike rides and be safe!

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