All is God’s – you included

All is God’s.

You included.

You’re owned by a perfect God…

The God who flung stars into space and you into the human race.

You’re his masterpiece.

Worth much more than the tulip and the tarantula; the rose and the rhino – as amazing as they are…

You were chosen for a purpose. Called. Anointed. Given the ability to love.

He gave you the grace and strength to carry out seemingly impossible tasks.

Jesus knows all about obstacles. He overcame each one thrown his way.

He ultimately triumphed, and so will you.

You are his, dear one, and he will work through you as you trust in him.

All is his – you included.

Rest in him, and allow his incomparable strength to work in you today and always.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” – Psalm 24:1 NIV


  1. Thank you dear sister for reminding us of this powerful and comforting truth. There are many in the world out there who would disown or ignore us. How wonderful and comforting it is to know that the God of Gods, the Almighty, the Ever-Living One loves me and has included me in his plans and purpose.

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