Quote of the Day: Easter

I love it when someone’s words stop me in my tracks.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing thoughts that have slowed me down and made me think.

This one’s from Wayside Chapel Pastor Jon Owen, in his blog on 14 April, 2022:

“Easter is that time when we stop for a moment to remember there is never a moment so frozen in time that it becomes the whole story.

“It is an important time for the church, as we are reminded that Jesus was crucified between two criminals and not between two floral arrangements.

“That the greatest love comes at the greatest cost.

And any parent who’s heart breaks at the suffering of a child, anyone who’s ever felt the betrayal of a lover with a kiss, or anyone who has been abandoned by their closest friends knows more about Easter than anyone.”

May you be reminded today that Jesus understands pain and heartache.

God bless,



  1. So beautiful and so relevant …I love being reminded of how Jesus understands our pain and suffering

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