Accept God’s grace with this mindfulness exercise and prayer

📍 Final Lockdown Video 📍

The last video in this series is a mindfulness exercise focused on accepting God’s grace.

There’s also a short prayer at the end.

God bless you all, and thanks for journeying with me this week – Ali

+ This was taken from p150 of Christ-centred Mindfulness by Katherine Thompson +


  1. Very encouraging as usual Ali! You present very well the bottom-line Truth as I see it, and very pleasantly; which I can do but other times I get a bit tough or rough about it, not quite the proverbial Bull in the China Shop but no sugarcoating’s from Lawrence on those occasions which can be a big turn off I’m aware, but, even if it’s called for, maybe my emotion gets the better of me in those moments! So you did help me to think about that and I appreciate it very much! Most of all I appreciate your humanity and honesty, which I see in you from afar even in this limited perspective carries great integrity; which there is a huge shortage of in this plastic and gimme, gimme world today!

    I have a bit to share, which I left on my recent posting to another blogger which I want to consider in your approach here, and see if it opens any window or further consideration; or maybe revelation! I leave it all in the Lord’s hand’s! Amen.

    “Yes Mary Anne, that has become the new Mantra for many leaders and maybe most people in this God forsaken world of Fake Phony Lifestyle’s and People; “I Don’ Care Anymore!” A world of humanity running Pell-mell to the Precipice; not toward any Virtue or Glory, as for example the way our American Forebears saw life and lived it!

    This is a world of delusion and scam upon scam; sorry to say, heading to hell in a hand basket! Now that is all so negative; and I admit even I don’t like to realize and see it so much as to how locked into this doom mankind actually is, but, the good news in what I just said elsewhere recently in other writings and again now, is though this human race and civilization will implode due to all the evil straight from the pits of hell which permeates civilization, we know that it’s a “foregone conclusion” that “Victory” is on the way in short order, relatively speaking; because God in the words and reality of “Jesus Christ,” told us He would return to put an end to all this strife/turmoil, and that sin would be no more! I’m happy about that more than anything else!
    This to me is what trusting in the Lord is all about! Amen.”

    God bless you and yours Ali. Amen. 😊 🙏✝️ 🙏 ❤
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

    1. Thanks so much, Lawrence! Really kind words. So thankful that Jesus is the light in the darkness. All of us need him. He is our hope and our salvation and he teaches us the way of love.

      1. You’re welcome Ali! All Truth in what you say, without Jesus Christ there would be nothing for we the fallen; absolutely a dead end. But by and through His love there is everything pure and good, a life eternal in the presence of our heavenly Father surrounded by and sharing His glory! Amen. 😊 🙏✝️ 🙏 ❤

        Just in case you may not have seen this recently in my postings I leave it here because it always brings joyful tears for me, a feeling of what it’s like to be with God; the glory, power and majesty pouring out with absolute love!

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